But Dalton would still like to know who the hell the

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2 episode, the murderer was banker Dalton

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much to be deprecated — too common of late, but bad, Mr Dalton, bad— and, after all,

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Dalton s voice carried a sharp edge of disbelief, honed by anger. "And

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Dalton s trial, though I had heard the rumor before this of

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While on assignment in South America, Dalton sends Ike into a genn-warfare-plagued area. When he returns, he

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Dalton pacing up and down; another man enters; men shake

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financial ruin in an agricultural crisis and to boost Dalton s

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Dalton laughs tauntingly. Donnelly makes a furious but futile effort; curses gnashes his teeth; tries to cry out. Dalton springs to door

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Dalton s cruel and callous usage

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Dalton, with many threats and flourishes of his six- shooter, went

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(33) Dalton s poetic-political narrative is not naive. It is far from being the candid narrative of the first insurgent moments in

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away from her gaze.) Do we have any wine, do we have any wine, do we have any wine? DALTON.

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Dalton, clad in handcuffs. leg irons. and a

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silent, that had Mr. Dalton not taken the abstract of a mortgage with his tea and toast, he must have observed it. And again

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(Dalton) Dangerous at all Times and Usually Wholly Unnecessary.

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The clerk has stated that Dalton was abusive and demanded to be told “what the hell” was going on

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He testified that Dalton made no demand upon him on that day for further evidence as to the nonexistence

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(personally, when in doubt I blame Mr. Dalton for things)

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